Saturday, September 26, 2009

SteppinStone Saturday

Well I got up a bit late today, but when I did get up I was still exhausted and sleepy, had a good breakfast, when lunch came around I thought I better cook up that Eggplant so I fried it, also read blogs and health information on CC and SP and thought it was nice, then later on my wife and I decided to go walking but as we got half way down the road the weather was a bit chilly and cut right through us so we turned back and decided to get the old excersise stuff out and do the cardio that way, so I rode the cyclist machine for 30 minutes, then later my wife made Dinner, and we shared about the calories and cholestrol stuff and she decided to help me in that area.

Well we settled down afterwards and watched Midsomer Murders, and I decided to put my info on the two sites I belong too. Anyway we are setting the clocks up tonight for Spring forward Sunday.

Hope everyone is doing good, if not,don't give up – Keep trying ~ WE CAN DO IT !!!!


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Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally Friday

Hi Friends;

Well its finally friday and the weather is jumping back and forth from cloudy to sunshine, but I got up this morning at 6:00am but laid in bed for 45 minutes then I decided I am gonna get up and fix breakfast for my wife and I, so made some scrambled eggs and onions, and half an apple a piece then I had a side dish of brown rice, which I would normally would have mixed with my scramble egg but didn't think my wife would like it that way so I put it seperate; gonna save the leftover rice for lunch time. I had a couple burritos for lunch, and had the left over rice in it along with onions,ham and sour cream.. then I couldn't stop so I had rasins and a snack bar too, both full of sugar and not counting I had my starches, anyway thats what I had for lunch. Now sitting here listening to some music and I am depressed and I want to eat more..

I chatted to my friend on yahoo, and noticed a friend of mine has joined SF, and he needs a lot of support as well; well to be true we all do or we wouldn't be on here.

Well I watched the tv some, then took a small nap then afterwards I texted my wife and told her to let me know when she was gonna be at the train station that I would meet her there, so she told me and I got there in 25 minutes which was only 1.3 miles, which is good I guess.

Anyway my wife made a lovely tea/supper, ham steak,mashed potatoes,broccoli,cauliflower,carrots,peas and kumera.

I did some excecises even though it wasn't scheduled for me, I just wanted to do more, I will do more tomorrow and then rest on Sunday. I was sortive downed about my food goal and it says I was over my cholestrol and sodium; but my wife says stop being down on myself and that I was doing better, and think that I wasn't doing what I am now last week, which is true lol, from “computer chair potato” to being a little more active.

Anyway I shall press on one day at a time one step at a time. Until next time.

~ Bill

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Hi Friends;

Well I got up this morning can't say Wet Wednesday but it was wet and I got up about 9:25am, feeling blah and a bit worn out from the day before.

I had my breakfast which was Rice Krispies with Honey Bush Yogurt and cup of coffee, and got on the internet and did some things on facebook and decided to go for my walk abit earlier, so we walked 3 miles in 54 minutes with my future daughternlaw; We decided to treat ourselves with a subway 6” I got the roast beef sub and she got the chicken teraki; when we started back home we took another route.

I chatted with my friend on yahoo messenger for a while, then decided to watched TV, watched David Letterman,USA President Obama and not the least the heart shape potato lol.

Then decided I better get Tea ready, my future daughternlaw took over and I just cooked some kumera since my wife has been wanting some, we had some Tacos, she cooked up some mince, and also had stuffed tater (potato) and salad, it was good, we didn't sit around the table this time.

This is one of those days my depression is on a low, why I don't know I should be chirpy but I ain't, I really didn't feel like adding stuff on SP but I am going too. Also drinking the 8 glasses of water is getting easier, and I am drinking 9, I did forget to take my medicine this morning and took it about 1pm , not wise I know will improve.

Well I got the fitness thing to do tonight but I am really unencouraged to do so but I will do them as I am keeping the promise to myself.

I hope tomorrow with be a better day.. well until next time I wish everyone a good Thursday.

~ Bill

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Wet Wednesday

Hi Friends;

This morning was a bit wet, and still drizzlin rainin, it cleared up for a little bit and I thought I would go and do my walking but I didn't. So I went ahead and made my breakfast, 2 eggs,tomatoes,onions and also had a couple of waffles with Ultra light Flora pro-activ ( lowest cholesterol ) butter, trying to lower my cholesterol, and about 3 cups of coffee.

I listen to some Southern Style Gospel Music then I chatted with my good friend Nate in Virginia on Yahoo messenger; and work on adding my food to the food log and read some interesting health stuff and posted it on my facebook. Before I knew it Lunch time came quickly and so I made some Lunch, containing a couple Fish cakes, fried okra, and 3 crackers with the pro -activ spread.

Later me and my future daughternlaw decided to go walking to town, as I do my mile walk each day, part of my excercise to lose weight; plus she is trying to do the same.So we walked to town, store and about for 170 minutes - 8.4 miles. Now remember I am unfit and suppose to walk 1 mile and gradually build it up but yeah I did it - i am exhausted now though.

We got some veggies and etc, got some gifts for the same friend that I listed above that I talked too on Yahoo; he is turning 16 next month.

When we got back home she cooked Supper, we had chicken filled flour tortillos, salad, some sparkling white and red grape juice and we set all down at the table and had Supper, which is something we hardly do and also I lit some candles, we all enjoyed ourselves, my wife,me, future daughternlaw and oldest stepson.

Well I am gonna go and watch some television and call it a night. Hope everyone has a good day or night.

Until next time God Bless


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GoodNight from New Zealand

Howdy Friends; :-)

Well I did my excercises today with the help of my oldest stepson and his fiancee' and the stretches afterwards, also did my 1 mile walk for today, plus I prepared the last meal of the day.. Supper/Tea/Dinner lol , vacuumed two rooms and hallway. Did laundry and washed dishes.I am a bit sore, but not too bad; but I am sure that will be a different story tomorrow.
When I did walk to town, I did it quickly as I wanted to get back in time to cook supper, so I rushed to the store, got some celery,bell pepper,okra and also got an energy drink to drink on the way back which I shouldn't have but I did. I even started to tape down the little labels on food products down in a little book and working out the calories. So there ya have it for today.. time to close this thing down for tonight !! its 12:19am Wednesday morning here.

Bill :-)

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Morning from New Zealand

Hello Friends;

Well I just wrote a whole page full then it went POOF when I connected to Facebook, grrrr ok I will try and remember what I said.
I was disappointed this morning as I didn't get up and cook my wife's breakfast and also said I am annoyed that I can't make myself get up at 6am and go to bed at 10pm, I can make others do it but never motivated to make myself lol I admit I am a bit lazy.
Also said lol - I went for that 1 mile walk yesterday to store and back, got me a broom (witches broom some of us call them) but here in New Zealand they use a different broom like what I was raised up calling them a shop broom but my wife said they ain't I say they is LOL talk about difference between Texas and some New Zealanders.. Anyway I got me one its a bit short and I have to bend down to sweep but its worth it lol.
Also said - I am looking at my excercises and learning new words as I am clueless to all these fancy words, and if I can't find out what they mean on here I find out from my youngest stepson or my future daughternlaw who is also on Sparkpeople, both are into all kinds of fitness stuff such as Kiado Ryu however its spelt and grappling and etc.. so yeah they good to have around.
Well I am gonna have my cup(s) of coffee and read some more blogs and catch up with friends on facebook, and get ready to kick my day with stuff on my list. Until next time Blessings to all and I wish ya the best in what ya doing on here.

Gal 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hello Friends, Sparkpeople & Supportive Teams;

Well I joined this yesterday, my Sunday, here in New Zealand, I thought I would do the excersises they listed for me. and they say I can get to 167 pounds but I changed it to 175, I don't see me getting to 167 lbs, thats way to boney lol.
Anyway I did the exercises yesterday and one of them was Modified Plank (MAN THAT HURTS) and today my shoulders,neck and back hurts, but not real bad. Tried doing the Crunch Twist what a joke.
I am plaining to walk a mile everyday and then slowly build it up. So keep me in ya thoughts that I will stay motivated. 104

Until next time
God Bless