Saturday, October 03, 2009

Saturday's stuff

Hi Friends;

Today I got up around 11am again.. had some cereal with yogurt and multigrain toast with butter and promite.

My wife and I went walking some around the malls and ran into my friend Peter Dale and apparently my wife is going to play piano for a small country church which I enjoy going too.. remember in my earlier blog I think I said something along the line that he would proably have me taking over his resthome ministry .. well today he told my wife He reckons he will make me a preacher yet LOL. Anyway I am still sore from yesterday's excersise so I decided I am not going to do any tonight but let my body heal, rest or whatever you want to call it.

Well its been an interesting day, but reasonable, I watched Boxing tonight and David Tua beat Shane Cameron, I reckon Shane took lots of punches before he actually collapse.

Well I guess I better do my cardio and call it a night so won't be going to men's breakfast in the morning cause of going to this other place, but it should be enjoyable..

Until next time God Blessings to all and remember to keep those who lost family the last few weeks in prayer.


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Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday's Post

Hi Friends;

Well it a good Friday for me, I did go over my cholesterol because of two eggs I had for breakfast, but anyway I got up late today than I normally do but I got up at 11am.

I didn't chat to my friend on yahoo today cause the internet connection was on the last day of slow dial up to kick in of fast speed later today. I did extra bit of a work out today for lagging yesterday.

But I believe I hate better today than I normally do even though my nutrinist thing said otherwise.

I do sortive wished I had walked today but I didn't but tomorrow will come and I can then if I am up to it.

I read a post on here about the waist middle tire, I really had mine most of my life, I have always been a fat chubby kid, you could ask any of my family,friends and classmates.

I hope everyone has a good Friday, and don't give up hang in there guys; and for those in New Zealand – Have an Awesome Weekend !!!

~ Bill

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

Hi Friends;

This morning was enjoyable, did some reading and enjoying a game or two on facebook, then chatted with my good friend on Yahoo messenger. Did a little on the bicycle machine, still got some to do tonight.

Later my mumnlaw called and wanted some help getting some medicine from the chemist and I said I could come and pick her up and take her, so I did that, and she thanked me, I told her no problem and come back home and had some soggy rice krispies that I left behind, it was ok but I was still hungry or SO I wanted to eat anyway which I am getting annoyed about doing, I eat when I am stressed out.

Well tonight my wife cooked a wonderful meal, then later we watched tv together then we decided we better go shopping so we did that, I was really depressed walking around in the shop, got a few things I thought I might like, stuff is so expensive and I am nervous about what to get; also decided to get some unsalted butter, and stop buying that lower ya cholestrol stuff as it has rubbish fats in it that I don't need in my system.I got me a magazine called New Zealand healthyfood guide; looks like it has some good things in it. I would rather be reading Men's Health but its more expensive.

Thought about Texas some today and how I wish some of my friends and kinfolks were here, but thats not happening lol.

Anyway I am gonna get off and go do some more excersises and call it a night.

Until next time God Bless


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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday's lit' post

Hi friends;

I got up this morning, been feeling a bit odd, did some laundry and also had breakfast, and did my normal routine, did eat a bit too much and I was watching tv when I did so now I know its true and how easy it is to eat when watching tv., also cooked dinner tonight, I really didn't feel like blogging today . So I am going to cut it short.. I hope everyone else is doing well .. hang in there !! We can do this one day at a time !!!


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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Resthome ministries

Hi Friends;

Well this morning I got up and had some cereal and decided I was going to try and go to the rest home ministries which a friend of mine did, the last time I tried about a year ago I couldn't do it because my dad had been in one when he passed away.. but this one person that was in the nursing home hollered and it instantly reminded me of my dad hollering for me or the nurse and I freaked out and left, well today I walked to the nursing home and tried again and succeeded and enjoyed myself.

I told the wise ones that I was from Texas and one guy started calling me Wild Bill, and He forgot his glasses so when it come to changing the pages in the songbook I gave him mine and looked it up again and I did this several times and we just smiled and carried on, he was a nice bloke, and the ladies smiled at me. One lady started laughing then broke out in a song, I thought it was odd at first but then I thought why not be happy or in a singing mood. I was getting where I didn't want to leave; anyway after we left I told my friend bye and started walking home, and he said wait a minute we got another one yet to do and I said “Oh ok cool lets go” So I got in his little car, and we talked along the way and He said “I need to stop at the house” as he was a J.P.; I said thats ok with me, so we went to his place; he made a few phones calls concerning a Chinese imigrant to New Zealand who was looking for a place to rent near her job, and he was helping her out, then later we went to the next resthome, now the friend I am talking about doing these resthome ministries is in his eighties, yes I said eighties, and he drives around in that car like a pro; its hard to explain but he is a very kind hearted Christian and he loves to tell the story of God's grace, and share with others, I admire that in him.

I very much enjoyed myself, after we left the resthome he wanted to give me a ride back home so I let him, halfway home his cellphone went and he answered it; I was like ummm hmmm yeah ok and he pulled over and was slowly driving, I was giggling inside cause he is such a chirpy person and always smiling, anyway he got me home safe and we said our goodbyes and He said I see you next Tuesday lol. I thought to myself with a smile yeah I suppose you will lol.

Well I got in and ate crazy, for some reason latey I been more hungry since I started this thing, I suppose thats normal anyway got on my computer and got on Yahoo messenger( but was hidden offline as I was reading emails) and my yahoo friend jumped on and He said Rooster ( my nickname by many ) where are you I am worried about you are you there are you sick? I was like Nato (his nickname by me) I am fine mate I was at the resthome like I told you I would be, oh he said I forgot about that.. It was nice to be missed and have a friend worried about me like that, He is like a son to me.

Well we chatted for a time then we played a game while still chatting on yahoo, later a storm came and I fell off.

So then I went out to the garage to get the old bicycle machine out and put on some BEE GEES and started cycling, I went on for 45 minutes, had the keyboard on the handlebars and typing emails and time passed nicely.. got into a sweat and decided I needed to clean up and shave.

(Interupts with Breaking News …. since SP uses Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner I decided to do the same instead of what I call or NZ calls meals lol Thank you …... now we return to our normal program)

My wife come home and made some Dinner which was proably the healthest meal I have eatten all day (ashamed of myself a little lol).Anyway now I shall do my excersises and finish all my blogs tonight which you guys get first hand now since my health and weight is one of my foremost important things to me and my family. Until next time …

~ Bill

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Mylanta Monday

Hi Friends;

Today was reasonable well, I did wake up feeling blah but I think its the time changing thing, but we have more light in the evening now.

Man did I have another wanting to eat moment so yeah I crashed into some chips and harvest chews.

For lunch I thought I would have the left over eggplant I saved for today, it was nasty after one mouth of it, too greasy I could even smell it, I think my body is not likin grease so thats a good thing I suppose.

Well my stomach started its nonsense so I took some Mylanta antacid tablet and laid down and took a long nap while trying to watch night time tv, woke up about 10pm something and decided I better get a moving if I was gonna get my cardio in; so I used the old cycle machine with the resistant band if anyone remember those lol.

Sorry I can't say I did a whole lot today, better chance tomorrow. Until next time..

~ Bill

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday's Sunshine

Hi Friends;

I got up this morning and it was a lovely morning sunrise and then I had some rice krispies and yogurt mixed, then afterwards I decided I would walk to church, I thought I'd go to the men's breakfast but I was a bit late getting off, but my wife had a music practice and so I thought I would go and listen to that before church so I took off on foot and my wife drove by and asked if I was ok and wanted a ride and I said No I am ok and I can do this.

It was good to be back in church as I missed quite a few sundays, rather it was when I was sick with stomach pains or depression, some said it was good to see me back, some told my wife that I seemed happier and one person said I looked as if I gained weight and I immediately snapped back and said its coming off too and it is.

Also had Church luncheon, and I wrote down what I had to eat, and didn't grab the sweets like I normally would, but I grab one thing that I thought was cornbread but I should have known better, it was half of a sweet muffin, so I ate it and that was the only sweet thing I had.

Later we went to mumnlaws place and my wife helped her mum with some papers, and we had a nice chat about different things and perhaps take a trip up north sometimes to see my brothernlaw; after a while we decided we better come on home, as my wife plays the organ for church and this was one of her sundays to do that; I decided not to go as I was a bit depressed.

So I started Dinner, and we I cooked some chicken,soup mix, cut up some spring onions and bell peppers and carrots and added to it and a little bit of sea salt and it was quite nice.

Then I got on the computer played a few games, then watch some television then decided I better do my excersises tonight as planned they are getting a bit easier for me to do and after I did that and then read my outline of the food I ate today and for the first time _I didn't have anything over_ but three things under but wasn't way bad under; that made my day.

Well I believe this is a good day to rejoice, not only because the Lord has made it but because I have had a more victorious day than before.. I know not to get way over my head, but this is one mark for a good day in my book.

Anyway I hope all have a good day as I have, if not do not give up that day is coming just take it one step at a time, I know it sounds easier than said but You can and will do it !!!! Let me know when you do so I can smile and rejoice with you.

~ Bill

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