Friday, May 28, 2010

Flip side of the Moon

Flip side of the Moon

G'day Readers;

I wonder how many can surely say they were meaning to do something and they did it a while and then they slowly lose habit or a lack of interest of one day throws the rest of the week off track; anyone dare to say Yes thats me. Well I be the first to say Yes thats me.

How about this, you been meaning to do something such as straighten the bookshelf and you continue to tell yourself day in and day out I am going to do that book shelf and you find yourself in the following month still saying it, well again I be the first to say Yes thats me.

Its annoying and why do we do this to ourselves? We find time to do things such as chatting to other people but less time spending it with our own family or doing those things we keep telling ourselves we need to do.

I am not gonna apologize for not writing sooner cause if you know me well I do it often and hey you may like suprises anyway, some people do anyway lol.

As some of you read my facebook I went to the doctor the other day as I had this sore throat and it feels like a marble on the left side of my throat when I swallow and it was getting painful; any how the doctor gave me some antibotics and I am hoping that it will go away soon. Otherwise I am doing well,please keep me in your prayers; Also in other medical news I am going to the eye doctor to get my eyes checked this coming Saturday; I am so looking forward to that as I am sick of not seeing well espically I like working with my hands making things and plus I find it useful as to reading too and typing this lol.

Today has been reasonable, we had our electricity turned off for a short period as they were changing the overhead lines and making the lines go underground instead, doesn't bother me much where they are as long as we got electricity.

I went to the Christian bookstore the other day and got the book I wanted for twenty dollars, it was based on the movie “Fireproof” if you haven't seen it I strongly suggest you do anyway the book was called the Love Dare and its a devotion for couples but recommend singles read it too as you can get some good wisdom ahead of time. I said to my eldest stepson now I get about three more books and I be happy and He said Yeah until some writers write more books that you like then you will have to get more; and I said yeah he is right about that. By the way if someone wants to donate some free Christian books that you don't want or got more than one copy,let me know what it is.

Well I watch Biggest Loser and Dr.Oz this morning; man Bob got all emotional this morning about losing some of his people to Jillian Michaels, as they were dividing teams to Blue (Bob) and Black(Jillian), what bothered me is that the young man and his dad got seperated as the young man trying to lose weight to keep his dad in, this last time the dad lost seven pounds which was good that kept them both safe and they have been lucky as they have been below the yellow line several times,but other members have kept them in. Anyway the Brown team have been seperated now so will be interested how that is going to turn out.

DoctorOz shows all kinds of medical stuff and helpful information, from Weight Loss,Diabetes, Tattoo removal and food poisoning; my youngest stepson came over and chatted to me some and saw what I was watching and He said that seems to be all that Dr. talks about is poisoning, and I said well if you ate American foods at a Fastfood place you are likely once or twice to get food poisoning, I have been there, no fun at all.

I am still going to church and enjoying and this time I stayed in longer and had a cup of tea (not coffee) and the Pastor said I look like I am been more relaxed than before; talking about the depression I have been going through. Sunday night was good to see a friend preaching,I also got a CD of him as I have always enjoyed listening to him since I met him at Grace Thelogical College a few years back when listening to his teaching.

The weather here has been a bit crazy, Sunny,Wet,Damp and Dry (what I always say the weather is going to be when someone ask what the weather gonna do) It would rain for five to twenty minutes then sunshine then back again; anyway its Autumn(Fall) here anyway so can't complain really. I love the green here its absolutely beautiful year around.This evening we had a beautiful sunset,I took a picture of it with my cellphone

Ok I suppose some of you are wondering why I named this Blog “Flip side of the Moon” well this side of the Moon is not what I am used too, its funny to miss something like a moon reflection you have grown to stare at over the years, but I think its amazing that I have the chance to see more of the moon so thats it for now until next time ~ God Bless

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