Monday, May 03, 2010

Midnight Monday

Howdy Everyone;

Its midnight here and I am really depressed, I keep telling myself to do this schedule thing, it goes over and over and over in my head daily and constantly no wonder I get a headache and want to sleep its annoying, some people say just do it, it isnt that easy, also I supposed to record on my cellphone positive things about myself or think rationally - bleh - I am sorry I haven’t kept up my writing. I also deleted the info about me and family as there is so much crud going around about being safe from internet losers that have nothing better to do than to hack and etc. Really stupid if you ask me. And plus people get all nervous about sharing info on the computer and where ya live. Ok I admit I might be stupid in this area but heck if ya that nervous about sharing why don’t ya dig yaself a cave in the middle of nowhere and hide there, I mean if people want to know anything about ya they just ask people that you come in contact with, like who is that person and etc, word is easy to get out and if its anything like Texas it will get about. Anyway I been so sick of all this internet No No that I am just about ready to shut everything down that I have including facebook,myspace and even my blogs.

Well I guess I go to bed so I get some sleep and dream this cottin pickin schedule =[

I dont like it one bit but I know it will help me get better blah blah blah blah - Yeah Negative thoughts !! =P oh Goodnight who cares !!

~Bill <---- who knows my name might be Mickey go unlucky lol

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